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Leadership for a better future

Designing the framework for our shared aspirations

Our strategy is simple: to create a place where the best researchers and most promising students can achieve their full potential. 


No matter what course you’re studying, what faculty you work for, or how you’re involved with the University, our strategy is relevant to you.

The University's strategic plan is more than a high-level document for our governing bodies and senior management. It is the roadmap to achieving our shared vision.


2016–20 Strategic Plan

We published our 2016-20 Strategic Plan in March 2016 following a wide-ranging consultation with our staff, students and other key stakeholders.

The plan continues the trajectory that began almost 170 years ago with our twin founding commitments to excellence and public service. By 2020 we will

  • invest in outstanding research, ensuring that our best work – work of national, regional and international impact – is well supported with the right people, equipment, and physical infrastructure
  • deepen our commitment to undergraduate education with a reinvigorated curriculum, so that our graduates will develop the skills, knowledge and values they need to thrive and lead in a rapidly changing world
  • build a University-wide culture where our staff and students are able to realise their full potential.

The 2016–20 strategy builds on our progress under our previous five-year plan. Download The University of Sydney 2011–15 Strategic Plan Performance Report (PDF, 407MB).

Our vision is unashamedly aspirational, aiming to position the University of Sydney as the best university in Australia and a leading institution globally.
Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal

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